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At Specialist Switchgear, in addition to designing, building and repairing switchgear panels, we work hand-in-hand with you or your retained FM team to provide a maintenance service at agreed intervals so you can avoid, or at least minimise, downtime.

Our expert technicians, there from the outset of your panel commissioning, will support you and your project for the life of your power management system; and this is our specific guarantee.

We promise to keep stock of components for your switchgear for its lifetime. Our regular maintenance contracts also help your cashflow and financial forecasting.

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The Diagnostic
First things first; what are we dealing with and are we addressing the right issue / problem / requirement. In this way, we ensure we’re starting in the right place and on the right track. The most important aspect of this stage is that we listen to understand your needs and requirements.

The MDT Case Conference
We’ll pool our best experts from our multi-disciplinary team to review, assess and give recommendations about the best solution for your electrical needs and the environment in which you’ll be operating. We’ll consider risks, demands, safety critical performance factors, contingencies, budget, timescales, environment and maintenance, to name a few. Once we’re satisfied we’ve created a robust design, we’ll present you with our proposed initial solution.

Outline proposal
We know that the world never stands still; the same goes for your business needs. So at this stage, we’ll check whether the brief has changed or evolved in any way that could impact on the proposal. And we promise to keep you at the very centre of this discussion. Once you’re comfortable we’ve correctly interpreted your needs, we’ll move to the next step.

Fully costed proposal
This is where we really get into the detail with you. It’s imperative we work alongside you closely to define our mutual contractual obligations, health & safety, risk assessments and legal contracts. In this way, we avoid surprises for everyone! When we get the green light from you, we’ll then move onto the implementation phase.

Site assessment
With your co-operation, we’ll studiously assess the site where the distribution panels and switchgear equipment are to be installed, pre-empting any accessibility issues and planning a route through with your team.

Schedule of Works
The nitty-gritty of what to expect from us – key milestones and anticipated delivery dates.

Our expert schedulers will ring-fence time and components to build the design upon which we’re all agreed and ensure we resource the project to meet your specific time and completion requirements.

Testing & Quality Assurance
Naturally, we continuously monitor, check and double-check at each juncture when building switchgear panels and distribution boards. Nothing is left to chance and we adhere to the highest standard of quality compliance for every element of the specialist build.

Installation, Commissioning and Completion Certificates
Once delivered to your site, our specialist installation team will ensure that they leave only when your system is fully operational and in line with your needs. At that time, we will issue completion certificates and sign-off paperwork so you have complete chain of custody and guarantees in place.

Aftercare and Training
Depending on your needs, you might require staff training or scheduled aftercare visits to ensure your switchgear is operated at optimal efficiency by your operators. This service is available to all our switchgear panel customers by arrangement with our technical team.

Need a quote?

Whether for component parts, a replacement panel or a complete switchgear system, our dedicated team is on hand to attend to your power management needs, from a simple part price to a complete technical specification in conjunction with your engineers and commissioning electrical experts.

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