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At Specialist Switchgear we create innovative and robust solutions that guarantee the distribution of mains power that can be left on for months or even years at a time. The only time you need turn off is for maintenance of electrical panels and circuit boards. And even under fault conditions, our circuit breakers will trip out to protect human life and the physical installation itself.

Specialist Switchgear boasts the fastest lead-times in the UK switchgear industry. Whether you’re specifying a small mounted switchboard or a 6300 Amp unit, we will design and assemble bespoke panels and finish the job via our expert installation team. But we don’t stop there; once installed, you (or your client) will receive full training for effective operations, combined with a full-service after-sales support package.

You can specify and recommend with confidence, secure in the knowledge that our team has a combined industry experience spanning more than 200 years of time-served experts and cutting-edge knowledge.

All distribution boards and panels are designed and built to standards that exceed all published standards and are both certified and guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.

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Whether for component parts, a replacement panel or a complete switchgear system, our dedicated team is on hand to attend to your power management needs, from a simple part price to a complete technical specification in conjunction with your engineers and commissioning electrical experts.

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