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What we do here at Specialist Switchgear is cutting edge and high-tech, but our approach to you is quite simple: you get to deal with a real person who puts your needs centre stage. And while we might be switchgear nerds, we do have a life outside. Admittedly, there’s a bias toward all things cars and football, but we promise that when it comes to switchgear and components, we’ll always be on your side.

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Managing Director

Phil Hoy

  • Years in the industry: 40+
  • Best thing about SSSL: Enthusiasm of the staff
  • Proudest career moment: Our great new facility; a place to be proud of.
  • Dream job: Formula 1 driver.
  • Favourite things: Man Utd, fast cars and food!
  • Greatest personal achievement: Working hard to buy my Ferrari
General Operations Manager

John Pye

  • Years in the industry: 34+
  • Best thing about SSSL: The people
  • Proudest career moment: Being selected to represent manufacturing for equipment for the Channel Tunnel Locomotives, our most prestigious contract.
  • Dream job: Racing driver
  • Favourite things: 80’s music, The Police, The Jam, The Script. Caravanning and classic cars, especially Porsches
  • Greatest personal achievement: The complete renovation of a derelict 17th century stone cottage, to provide a fantastic home for my wife and children
  • Interesting fact: I volunteer my time to drive blind and partially-sighted people around the Three Sisters race track on fast lap experience days.
Technical Design Manager

Harold Teale

  • Years in the industry: 44
  • Best thing about SSSL: Everyday presents a new challenge
  • Proudest career moment: Designing the fire alarm system at Preston Crown court
  • Dream job: Professional cricketer
  • Favourite things: Reading, swimming and listening to Queen
  • Greatest personal achievement: Having three wonderful children
  • Interesting fact: I’m a talented artist
Sales Manager

Joseph Greenhalgh

  • Years in the industry: 45
  • Best thing about SSSL: Every day is different and the people are great
  • Proudest career moment: Joining Specialist Switchgear Systems!
  • Dream job: Numerous major projects throughout the country
  • Favourite things: Man Utd, DIY, gardening and marine / fish keeping
  • Greatest personal achievement: Seeing all 3 of my children graduate from university
  • Interesting fact: I’m a marine / reef fish expert
Distribution & Warehousing Manager

Karl Westby

  • Years in the industry: New to switchgear, but seasoned in distribution
  • Best thing about SSSL: The people – they’re really special
  • Proudest career moment: Joining Specialist Switchgear Systems!
  • Dream job: Multi-millionaire man of mystery
  • Favourite things: Man Utd and all sorts of music
  • Greatest personal achievement: Passing my HGV Class I
  • Interesting fact: I’m an open book and what you see is what you get
Production Manager/Engineer

Vinney Fox

  • Years in the industry: 26 years
  • Best thing about SSSL: The people are friendly and co-operative
  • Dream job: Sculptural Artist
  • Favourite things: Rock, Woodturning/Carving, Electronics/Amateur Radio. Making in general.
  • Interesting fact: I used to restore antiques/classic cars
Business Development Manager

James Hoy

  • Years in the industry: 10 years +
  • Best thing about SSSL: The office staff are all easy to get along with and helpful
  • Proudest career moment: Being promoted in several job roles/companies. I am third generation within SSS and proud to work for this company
  • Dream job: Game test engineer, game developer
  • Favourite things: Oasis/Killers/Ed Sheeran, Bury FC, spending time with my son, socialising with friends
  • Greatest personal achievement: Becoming a dad and owning my own home
  • Interesting fact: I play the acoustic guitar, I have raced go karts at an early age against Lewis Hamilton and I have sparred with Amir Kahn
Branch Manager

Barry Smith

  • Years in the industry: 20 years
  • Best thing about SSSL: Nice relaxed working environment
  • Proudest career moment: When customers ring up asking for the oracle always is a proud moment
  • Dream job: Already doing it!
  • Favourite things: Love a Dance and R&B and follow my favourite team Liverpool
  • Greatest personal achievement: Not having a day off sick fin 20 years
  • Interesting fact: I’m from Huddersfield not Leeds


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