Products & Services

In today’s world, the Installation, On site modification, Operation and Maintenance of electrical power and distribution assets are vitally important. Effective asset management can have a profound impact on your business, its level of customer service and also can be a key driver to your operational decisions.

At Specialist Switchgear we are with you for the life of your product and our approach puts the emphasis on getting to know you and your business as much as the detail of your installation.

The service organisation at Specialist Switchgear brings together the ability, skills and associated product knowledge to provide a comprehensive range of LV and MV power services. These services provide the best possible solutions for you and allow you to have the peace of mind in the knowledge that your electrical power and distribution assets are being effectively managed.

Please feel free to give one of our fully qualified engineers a call on 0161 764 1297 to discuss your requirements further.